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Vikink Tattoo Essen

Logen Str 20-22  45127 Essen ( Next to Limbeckerplatz Shopping Center )Phone: 0 170 7322754
Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 11-18 Sunday: After Aggrement 


We would like to provide you with information on our work policies and pricing : 

We prioritize delivering the best results for our clients, regardless of how long it takes. Each of our artists has their own unique speed when tattooing, so while one may complete a certain design in 3 hours, another may take 6 hours. This is why we do not impose a time limit on our work, allowing us to focus on producing the highest quality results without rushing. Hourly price rates are not a concern for our clients, as we believe that the outcome of the tattoo is the most important factor.

Our artists specialize in different styles, and after determining your preferences, we will recommend the best artist for the job. All of our prices include touch-up sessions, and we offer design options through either photoshop, e-drawing, or hand-drawing. While a designing fee  100 euro is required for these design services, it will be deducted from the final tattoo price.

Client satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not entirely satisfied with the design, we will continue to redesign it until you are 100% happy with the result. A non-refundable booking fee  of 1/3 of the tattoo price is required, and if you need to reschedule your appointment, we require at least 7 days' notice for one time only. On the day of your tattoo appointment, we will provide you with registration and inform you about the aftercare process.


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